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The Loire valley castles

The Gîtes de l' Epinglerie can boast of being located very close from the most beautiful Loire Valley castles, between Chambord and Cheverny !

Only 10 miles from the cottages, you can visit 7 Loire valley castles !

Cheverny, Chambord, Blois, Beauregard, Villesavin, Troussay, Fougères,

and much more only 30 minutes drive...

The Loire valley : some words about geography and history

The area of the castles of the Loire valley extends over three ancient provinces : Orléanais, Touraine and Anjou, and down as far as the north of Berry.

It is outlined around the great loop which the Loire forms, moving up towards the northwest, from Gien to Orléans, then down to Anjou.

The calamity of the civil war, with a religious pretext, bloodied the Loire valley in the second half of the sixteenth century, but did not jeopardise the prodigiuos expansion of the region which, even after the return of power to the Ile de France, which had begun under the reign of Francis I, kept its privileges of Royal seat.

It is true to say that the castles of the Loire valley would not be the same without the sky, the landscape and settings : forests well-stocked with game for the royal hunts, providing wood for joiners, cabinetmakers and wheelwrights, pasture for the flocks, limestone plateaus providing quarriers ond stonecutters with materials for abbeys, churches, ramparts and castles.

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