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About us

The aim of this page is to tell you a bit about ourselves and how we came to hospitality and our philosophy about hospitality

Allow me to introduce myself


Widower, my wife Véronique was a native of Loir-et-Cher.

We settled in Cour-Cheverny at the "Epinglerie" in 1997 and founded the "Gîtes de l'Epinglerie" when I retired in 2013.

With all our energy, my wife (a former air hostess who retained all her sense of hospitality) and myself fitted out the Grand Gîte then the Petit Gîte by renovating the outbuildings of the property.


I have kept many friends here in Cheverny and in the Loir-et-Cher, and I am attached to our land, our countryside and the forests of Sologne. But how not to be ? The Loire Valley is magical !


Since the death of my wife, our neighbor Liliane now takes care of all aspects of the concierge. I trust her completely, she has always been a professional in the hotel business. She is the one who will ensure your welcome, your departure, collect the rent, give you the keys, etc,... Her phone number will be given to you in the rental agreement.


For my part, I take care of all the commercial part of the lodgings and I am the legal representative. I will remain your neighbor and your translator if you are a foreigner. You can always reach me in case of unforeseen circumstances by telephone on (33) 6 60 16 14 06 ! 

See you soon, I hope !



Our two cottages and our 7 golden rules about hospitality

We are committed with your satisfaction !

Our constant goal is to serve you in the best possible manner.

As clients ourselves, we know how a disappointing rental can ruin your holiday; we do not want this to happen to you at l'Epinglerie.

This is why we have set 7 golden rules of quality for running a gite worthy of Cheverny .

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Provide all the necessary and precise information from the start and answer all your questions. 


Honour our contractual commitments. This is a lesson learnt from our professional careers, in industry for my husband and in civil aviation for me.


Offer excellent quality at a reasonable price. We strive to make this a reality. We know that there is considerable competition!


 Focus on impeccable cleanliness.

To give an example, we quickly understood that we would only be able to achieve this target if we managed and provided the bed linen.


Maintain the French classification level of at least three stars.


Take into account all your feedback and requests.



Always strive to do better.

We wish to improve what we do continuously; this motivates us!








Be assured that we will do everything we can to welcome you in the best possible conditions. Feel free to contact us, preferably by e-mail, and we will reply to each question with personalised attention. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Gites de l'Epinglerie! Very sincerely,


Véronique et Bruno LANCESSEUR

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