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Wine tasting

The Gites de l' Epinglerie are located in the Cheverny vineyards (one of the high-quality AOC wine certifications).   You can easily walk from the cottages to the cellars of several winemakers. The nearest, the Domaine des Huards is just 200 yards out your front door!

Un viticulteur sur son tracteur
Gîte à Cheverny

 Cheverny wines are traditionally and necessarily made from blends.

For white Cheverny the grapes are Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Menu Pineau. For red and rosé Cheverny, Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc and Black Pinot are the main varieties.

 White wines: bright and refined, they are a blend of Sauvignon, which perfectly expresses this land’s terroir with its strong nose (with a touch of blackcurrant and of liquorice), and Chardonnay which provides elegance.

The Menu Pineau can also be used in the blend for balance when needed. Red wines: full bodied and rich, they are blend of Gamay, which brings freshness and sweetness, and Black Pinot which gives finesse and subtlety.

Cabernet franc and Côt, which  are heavier, can sometimes be added as complementary varietals.

Rosé wines: easily approachable wines, whose freshness is marked by a note of spice, sometimes lightly smoky or roasted.. Learn more about Cheverny Vineyards

Vignoble de Cheverny
Image d'un chai à Cheverny
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